Constantin Kogler

I'm a PhD student in mathematics under the supervision of Emmanuel Breuillard (Oxford) and Péter Varjú (Cambridge).

Since October 2022 I'm working at Oxford, yet I've spent the first two years of my PhD at Cambridge, where I was part of the CCIMI-cohort. Before coming to the UK, I completed in 2020 a masters degree at ETH Zürich studying mostly under Manfred Einsiedler.

I work on random walks on Lie groups and (locally) symmetric spaces. My approach to random walks is analytic and therefore I utilize harmonic analysis and the theory of unitary representations. Furthermore, I rely on techniques from additive combinatorics and number theory, particularly Diophantine approximation. From my time at ETH, I'm also interested in effective methods in homogeneous dynamics (see my master thesis).

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